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In San Diego, one in eight senior citizens live at or below the poverty line which makes the choice difficult between food and medicine. Seniors report loneliness as the biggest issue while financial hardships only compound the problem.


Take a moment and explore how these charities are making a difference in San Diego by providing housing, food, integrated health care, and case management support to seniors in need.

San Diego Seniors Charity Directory

Serving Seniors helps poor and homeless seniors thrive using an innovative model of whole-person, wraparound support including meals, housing, health and social services, and lifelong learning.

Serving Seniors offers 15 sites across San Diego County and assists hundreds of homebound seniors by providing 640,000 meals and coordinated services to 5,000 older adults each year.

Serving Seniors San Diego charity
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Since 1974, ElderHelp has provided personalized services and information to help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes.


ElderHelp offers community-based solutions through professional staff and nearly 500 volunteers committed to helping older adults with services such as transportation, housing, and family caregiver support.  

ElderHelp San Diego Nonprofit
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Meals on Wheels is devoted to the health, safety, and well-being of San Diego seniors by providing home-delivered meals 7 days a week, including holidays.

Meals on Wheels also offers other services through partnerships with agencies in the community such as home clean-up and repair, smoke detector replacement, animeals, and safety checks to help reduce the isolation of seniors without a family to support them.

San Diego Meals on Wheels Charity
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St. Paul’s Senior Services is a full-service, retirement community with independent, assisted living and skilled nursing communities.


St. Paul’s provides affordable, innovative and comprehensive programs in a non-denominational environment with great value placed on optimal independence at all stages of life.

St Pauls Senior Services Non-profit
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Southern Caregiver Resource Center is the leading provider of free caregiver support services for San Diego County families who support frail senior citizens and adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.


Serving over 80,000 families annually, SCRC offers a wide variety of support services that include education, care planning, case management, counseling, respite care and support groups.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center San Diego
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Elder Law & Advocacy serves over 8,000 seniors annually by providing free and low-cost civil legal services, Medicare and Medicare related counseling and advocacy, referrals to community senior service providers and community education. 

Elder Law & Advocacy seeks to protect seniors by helping them defend their legal rights and preserve their respected place in the community.

San Diego Elder Law & Advocacy Charity
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Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers provides quality adult day care and support services to families and others affected by Alzheimer’s and memory impairment diseases.


Since 1982, Glenner Centers have offered family and community education, case management, and crisis intervention. Alzheimer’s Family Centers are known to bring peace of mind with a community of caring professionals.

Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers
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San Diego Seniors Community Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness and action toward issues impacting seniors and to increase philanthropy to senior-focused organizations.

SDSCF helps to fund initiatives, programs, and infrastructure that will directly support seniors in San Diego in order to create a future where seniors are no longer vulnerable but vibrant.

San Diego Senior Community Foundation
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Founded in 1974, La Jolla Meals on Wheels mission is to promote independent living for homebound seniors by providing daily nutritious meals in La Jolla and surrounding neighborhoods.

Meals on Wheels also offers weekly one-to-two-hour visits to homebound seniors which provides companionship and a new friendship.

La Jolla Meals on Wheels Charity
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