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The San Diego region has an estimated 7,500 people experiencing homelessness on any given day and California accounts for 25% of the entire U.S. homeless population. The vast majority are unsheltered and seek help from local charities.

Take a moment and explore how these charities are making a difference in San Diego by providing shelter and support to the homeless in need.

San Diego Homeless Charity Directory

Established in 2002, HomeAid San Diego has been dedicated to building multi-unit housing for San Diego’s temporary homeless.


HomeAid San Diego develops projects with the support of trade partners and volunteers and once the projects are completed, professional service providers take up the baton by providing services that help residents regain strength and purpose in a safe environment.

HomeAid San Diego
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For over 30 years, Alpha Project has provided a wide range of programs such as affordable housing, emergency, and transportation services.


Serving over 4,000 men, women, and children every day, Alpha Project’s mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing work, recovery and support services to people who are motivated to change their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

Alpha Project San Diego Charity
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Founded in 1955, San Diego Rescue Mission has continued to adapt to meet the changing needs of San Diego’s homeless population.


San Diego Rescue Mission has over 10 programs such as job training, transitional housing, and an emergency shelter for women and children. The mission is to lovingly address the needs of homelessness and provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation and recovery.

San Diego Rescue Mission
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Solutions for Change offers a comprehensive solution for family homelessness by providing a results-driven, accountability-based approach.

Since 1999, Solutions for Change has offered programs that provide career pathways, work experience, family management skills, financial literacy, and personal development.

Solutions for Change Charity
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San Diego Food Bank partners with more than 500 nonprofits with feeding programs and provides nutritious food to individuals and families in need throughout San Diego County.


The SD Food Bank offers many services such as advocating for the hungry, public education, and serves meals to over 350,000 people per month in San Diego County.

San Diego Food Bank
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Lucky Duck Foundation seeks to alleviate the suffering of the San Diego homeless population and has helped fund bridge shelters, employment programs, transportation, community care kits, meals and other services.

Since 2017, LDF has hosted homeless symposiums to instigate meaningful collaboration and raise money to fund high-impact programs that are fact-based and best-in-class.

Lucky Duck Foundation
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Brother Benno’s has been committed to serving the poor and homeless in San Diego North County since 1983.


Brother Benno’s offers a variety of resources to the homeless such as recovery programs, food, clothing, and transportation to create a holistic experience that leads to self-sufficiency.

Brother Bennos San Diego North County
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Feeding San Diego fights hunger locally by working hand-in-hand with partner agencies, local school districts, corporate partners and a network of volunteers to serve 60,000 children, families and seniors in need each week.


Feeding San Diego shepherds a holistic and comprehensive approach to hunger-relief and nutrition through several initiatives which support the immediate need and long-term community impact.

Feeding San Diego
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Think Dignity inspires, empowers, and organizes the San Diego community to advance basic dignity for those living on the streets.


Think Dignity offers a variety of resources to the homeless such as a transitional storage center, two-shower mobile trailer, and connects the homeless to hairstylists, barbers, and social service providers to create a holistic experience.

Think Dignity Homless Charity
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San Diego Hunger Coalition leads coordinated action to end hunger in San Diego County supported by research, education, and advocacy.


San Diego Hunger Coalition seeks to build a more effective and interconnected system of food assistance resources along with ensuring all children have year-round access to healthy food by expanding school meals.

San Diego Hunger Coalition
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Father Joe’s is San Diego’s largest homeless provider offering a wide variety of housing and services such as rental assistance, healthcare, food, clothing, and education.


Father Joe’s prepares up to 3,000 meals and provides a continuum of care to nearly 1,800 individuals every day. Father Joe’s primary goal is to transform lives and end the cycle of homelessness.

Father Joe's Villages San Diego
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Interfaith Shelter Network coordinates the work of all participating congregations, social service agencies, and governmental programs to provide shelter and other resources to homeless individuals and families.


Interfaith Shelter Network aims to end homelessness and create self-sufficiency throughout San Diego County.

Interfaith Shelter Network San Diego
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WAMITS assists the homeless by providing immediate needs for comfort, food and support until they are able to reach self-sufficiency.


For over 20 years, WAMITS has provided resources, referrals and encouragement to connect the homeless with congregations and nonprofits in order to help facilitate their ability to leave the streets. 

Walk a Mile in their Shoes Homeless Charity

Community Through Hope seeks to build a better life for those facing food insecurity and for those without a permanent home by providing a hand up through innovative and compassionate programs with equality, dignity and respect.


For over 10 years, CTH has offered a unique, action-oriented model that connects people to the services needed in order to better their lives.

Community Through Hope San Diego
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Wagons of Hope aims to spread a message of compassion by providing immediate needs and advocating for the homeless in San Diego.

Wagons of Hope offers care packages to the homeless in downtown San Diego that include bottled water, blankets, sweaters, jackets, sleeping bags, and snacks in order to help facilitate their ability to leave the streets. 

Wagons of Hope Homeless Nonprofit

Kitchens for Good uses food to transform lives and nourish the San Diego community by providing people with the skills and support to launch meaningful careers.

Founded in 2014, Kitchens for Good offers apprenticeship programs to people who have battled homelessness, so they can move forward in life and gain the skills to launch a career in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Kitchens for Good San Diego
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Voices of Our City Choir changes the experience and perception of homelessness, helping San Diego's unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and housing through the healing power of music, individualized care, and advocacy.

Voices of Our City Choir designs programs to offer choir members hope, dignity and drive. Choir members are given the opportunity to connect with themselves and local resources necessary to help them get into shelter and employment.

Voices of Our City Choir San Diego
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Mama’s Kitchen provides nutritional support to San Diego residents at risk of malnutrition due to critical illnesses.

With the help of volunteers, businesses, and community supporters, Mama’s Kitchen helps clients stay healthy, preserve their dignity, and keep their families together by providing, medically tailored home-delivered meals, along with pantry services and nutrition education – all at no cost.

Mama's Kitchen San Diego homeless
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Housing 4 the Homeless serves San Diego’s unsheltered community members by helping them move from crisis and vulnerability to safety, stability and self-sufficiency.

Housing 4 the Homeless offers an Emergency Shelter and Supportive Services Program along with intensive case management and services such as financial management, employee training, and basic needs (towels, cleaning supplies, furniture).

Housing 4 the Homeless San Diego
  • Housing 4 the Homeless Twitter

Founded in 2012, Urban Street Angels helps tackle youth homelessness in San Diego for transition-aged youth (18-25 years old).


Urban Street Angels operates supportive housing programs and provides vital job skills training and transitional employment opportunities for program clients through social enterprise programs.

Urban Street Angels San Diego Non-Profit
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