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San Diego Humane Society Introduces Their Senior Dogs Still Waiting for Homes

If you've ever visited an animal shelter, you know how heartbreaking it can be to see all those animals with sad looks on their faces and the hope of finding a forever home soon. Especially senior pets have a hard time getting adopted.

The San Diego Humane Society shared in their video, posted on September 12, the huge number of senior dogs in the shelter who are all looking for their forever home. Let's take a look!

This is so sad!

Senior dogs often face challenges when it comes to getting adopted from shelters, despite the many wonderful qualities they have to offer.

Many potential adopters have a preference for younger dogs, believing that they will have more energy, be easier to train, and live longer. This age bias can make it difficult for senior dogs to catch the attention of adopters.

However, senior dogs may already be house-trained and have basic obedience skills, saving adopters time and effort on training.

Some people worry that adopting a senior dog means they'll have a shorter time with their pet due to the dog's age. This fear of attachment and eventual loss can deter potential adopters. While a dog's expected remaining lifespan does decrease with age, the years left with them are precious.

Another reason why senior dogs don't get adopted much is because of their health.

There is a common misconception that older dogs come with more health problems. While seniors may have some age-related issues, many are still active and have many healthy years left. Additionally, senior dogs require less activity, and their personalities are well established.

Besides, many senior dogs seem to have a deep sense of gratitude for being given a second chance at a loving home. They often form strong bonds with their new owners.

So if you're interested in adopting a dog, consider adopting a senior dog instead. You can contact the San Diego Humane Society directly for more information.

Source: Yahoo News

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