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Local Nonprofit Brightens Easter For Vulnerable Youth In Greater San Diego

Blue Iris, a local, youth-led nonprofit, partnered with San Diego Youth Services to organize an Easter surprise for vulnerable youth over the bridge. The nonprofit, which is also a Coronado High School Club, has more than 20 members who are dedicated to bringing joy to kids and young adults by helping create treasured memories. With the help of generous donors from Coronado and San Diego, Blue Iris was able to create 25 Easter baskets for kids receiving services from San Diego Youth Services and also decorate the community room at the organization’s Transitional Housing Center, which supports vulnerable youth.

“Growing up in Coronado, I’ve always experienced fun and memorable holidays, but I know all kids may not share the same experiences, especially those who are experiencing homelessness or in transition out of foster homes,” said Marley Van Tuyl, Founder of Blue Iris and a sophomore at Coronado High School. “We want to help create joyful memories that these kids can take with them wherever they go. We just want them to know they are loved.”

Members of Blue Iris helped collect supplies and donations for the Easter baskets as well as the décor for the community room. In February, they decorated the room for Valentine’s Day and also collected treats and fun decorations for St. Patrick’s Day in March.

“This has given an opportunity for the youth to enjoy the moment, take their mind off the stress they carry and hardships they face,” said Jose Ayala, Program Manager for Transitional Age Youth Housing, San Diego Youth Services. “Our youth have shared with us that they ‘can’t believe someone took the time to do this and think about us.’ We’d like to thank you for finding a way to serve.”

Ella Chious, co-founder of Blue Iris and sophomore at Coronado High School, shared that she was excited to give the youth something to look forward to for the holidays.

“To them, it’s not just an Easter basket; it shows that someone cares for them,” said Chious. “It makes me so excited every time we visit, and especially with these baskets, it’s something physical that makes a difference.”

The Blue Iris Movement is looking to partner with other organizations to help serve vulnerable youth. The nonprofit is always accepting donations, either supplies or via Venmo, to assist in their endeavors. Blue Iris can be found on Instagram @BlueIrisMovement and Facebook @BlueIris.

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