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Feeding San Diego surpasses 100 large-scale food distributions

San Diego charity distributes food to homeless

This week’s large-scale food distribution in Ramona marks the 100th Together Tour distribution operated by Feeding San Diego. With inflation the highest it has been in 40 years and the effects of the continued public health crisis crippling families countywide, Feeding San Diego has continued to see an increased need for food assistance across all areas of the county, particularly in the South Bay and East County.

These large-scale, drive-through food distributions started just under a year ago in response to the pandemic and have grown to include ten sites across San Diego County. Many of the sites can serve upwards of 1,000 households in just a couple of hours, with each family receiving a minimum of 50 pounds of food including fresh produce, frozen meat protein, and dry goods. The Together Tour series of food distributions will continue into 2022 to provide easy-to-access food assistance throughout the county. As part of this effort, over three million pounds of food have been distributed to date.

“To think that in just under a year 100 food distributions of this magnitude have been held indicates that the state of our economy is more of a challenge to those in our community than some may think,” said Dan Shea, chief executive officer of Feeding San Diego. “It also shows the resilience of our community to both come together to help those in need and to ask for help if needed.”

The Together Tour is an accomplishment for Feeding San Diego because the nonprofit operates it independently without any partners. The sites are located across the county in large parking lots in cities including Carlsbad, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Fallbrook, Ramona, San Diego and Spring Valley. Every site has a recurring date and time so people can register in advance or drive through day-of. A full list of all sites, dates, and times for the Together Tour can be found here.


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Feb 15, 2022

Great work by Feeding San Diego!!



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